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Cential Health Success Stories:

Case Studies

Check out some of the transformative impact of our services on individuals and communities. Our evidence-based approach to mental health care delivery has led to significant improvements in patient outcomes, accessibility, and quality of care. We invite you to explore the success stories of individuals and clinics who have benefited from Centia Health’s innovative services. From rural communities to correctional facilities, our programs have helped break down barriers to mental health care and empower individuals to achieve recovery and wellness.

Tobacco Cessation for Alex

Alex, a 45-year-old construction worker, was a long-time smoker, having started at the age of 16. Despite having multiple quit attempts, he was unable to overcome his addiction and continued to smoke, causing damage to his health and relationships.

Alex’s primary care physician referred him to Centia Health to help him quit smoking. He was connected with a psychiatrist who conducted an assessment of his addiction and provided medication-assisted treatment, as well as brief supportive therapy sessions.

With the support of his psychiatrist and the medication-assisted treatment, Alex successfully quit smoking after some months. He reported an improvement in his overall health, relationships, and his sense of personal accomplishment. Alex continues to stay smoke-free and is grateful to Centia Health for providing him with the tools and support to overcome his addiction.

Urban Jail Setting

A large urban jail faced significant challenges in providing mental health care to its inmate population. The facility’s limited resources and high staff turnover made it difficult to maintain a consistent level of care.

Centia Health implemented a telepsychiatry program within the jail, providing access to psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and brief supportive therapy sessions for inmates. The psychiatric professionals from Centia Health worked closely with jail staff to ensure the smooth functioning of the program.

The telepsychiatry program led to a significant improvement in the quality of mental health care within the jail, resulting in decreased aggression among inmates and an overall reduction in disciplinary incidents. The staff also reported feeling more confident in their ability to manage mental health concerns among the inmate population.

Rural Critical Access Hospital

A small rural critical access hospital in Texas was struggling to retain a full-time psychiatrist due to the remote location and limited patient volume. As a result, the hospital’s patients with mental health needs were not receiving adequate care, and the hospital’s reputation suffered.

We provided telepsychiatry services to the hospital, connecting patients with a dedicated psychiatrist via video conferencing. The psychiatrist conducted regular psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and brief supportive therapy sessions with patients. The hospital also received ongoing support and consultation from Centia Health’s psychiatric professionals.

With the help of Centia Health, the hospital was able to improve its mental health care services, leading to increased patient satisfaction and a positive impact on the hospital’s reputation. Patients in the rural area also reported feeling more connected to care, and the hospital was able to retain its patients better.

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